Glenx is a community organization in pursuit of inspiring and enabling positive community impact.




We invite you to work with GlenX and YMHS to provide better solutions for our local students to have the best opportunities to excel in their lives after high school.




We believe all students should have a viable career option by the time they graduate high school.


  • By providing the best opportunities to discover passions and applicable skills

  • By teaching students versatile life skills, not just memorization and book smarts

  • By preparing students for college and career with real world experiences

No two students have the same passions, skills, or learning styles. That’s why we strive to create an individualized learning plan for every student. Our individualized plan combines expeditionary learning, direct instruction, internships, job shadows, project based work, life skills training, and one-on-one tutoring.  All in a manner that engages and meets the needs of the student's personal interests and passions, to nurture their skills to be applicable for real world success after graduation.